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Innovative Commercial Cleaning

Surface Solutions offers an innovative set of products and services to fulfill all of your facility management needs. Our specially trained consultants armed with our assortment of unique products and services are ready to help you resolve your facilities cleaning needs. 

Our offering includes:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Green Cleaning Specialist 
- We are fully versed and equipped in all carpet cleaning processes, we do not make one process fit all your needs.
  -Benefits of our Green Carpet Cleaning
   - Complete restoration, spot removal and pile lifting 
- We detail edge and trim any loose carpet fiber
- Carpet is ready to use immediately after cleaning
- Environmentally friendly
- Leaves no residue behind to re-soil carpets
- Carpets will stay cleaner longer
- Revives color

Anti-Slip Treatment for all Natural Surfaces
- Creates a microscopic “Tread Pattern” without changing the look
  of the surface.
-Will treat concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble, porcelain, slate,
  quarry tile, river rock, polished stone, and glazed brick.
- Meets and exceeds OSHA and ADA requirements for
  slip resistance

Deep Cleaning of Hard Surfaces
- Our process penetrates the cracks, crevices and even into the pours,
   not just the surface, for a true deep down cleaning.
- Including tile and grout lines, linoleum, concrete, resilient rubber
  flooring, brick, slate and safety “no-slip” flooring.

Fabric Partition and Upholstery Cleaning
- Our atomized high velocity process deep cleans and provides the
   fastest drying time in the industry

Ultrasonic Cleaning
- Some of the items we clean: window blinds and shades, Prismatic light
  diffusers, Parabolic and Eggcrate light reflectors, window screens.

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